Convert Your WordPress Website Into Android & iOS App

An app that is easy to use, has a blazingly fast performance and design that you will fall in love with.

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Here's why businesses love AppiFire, and you will too!

  • WordPress Content

    Deep integration with WordPress content such as posts, pages and categories.

  • Push Notifications

    Push notifications help retain users. Boost your app traffic by sending push notifications to users via WordPress admin panel.

  • Ad Networks

    You can start monetizing with your Android & iOS app with AdMob integrated into our product.

  • Analytics

    Our product provides google analytics integration. It helps you track app activities and their pattern.

  • Configurations

    Configure which content you want to show or hide. You can change things like logo, color schemes which match your brand identity.

  • Publishing & Updates

    We take care of all the hard work to build, publish and maintain apps for you. We send monthly updates with all new features which we are developing.

Application Screenshots

Splash Screen

Post Listing Screen

Post Detail Screen

Menu Screen



$20Per Month
$20Per Month
  • This package is best for bloggers, small websites and startup.
  • Single Application License
  • Unlimited Posts, Pages & Categories
  • App configurations
    You can configure your color Scheme. Place logo which matches your theme. Configure menu categories. You can include and exclude categories from the menu or hard code some categories. You can configure how many posts you want to see per page. Change date formats.
  • Push Notifications
  • Generate icons & launch screens
    We will generate icons and launch for all sizes which android and iOS requries. Those images are used for diffrent mobile resolutions and for tablets.
  • Publish App on Android Play Store
    We will generate android apk and then publish android apk build to Google Play Store.
  • Mobile ads Integration
    We wil setup your AdMob account. We will configure it and hook it up with the app. You can see detailed earning from the ads in AdMob panel.
  • Google Analytics Integration
    We will setup Google Analytics account for you and Integrate it with our app. You can view detailed reporting in Google Analytics panel.
  • 1 Year Minimum Subscription


$40Per Month
$40Per Month
  • This package is best for people who want to have the presence on both Android & iOS store.
  • All standard package features plus features listed below.
    You will get all features from standard package. You will also get additional features listed below in this package.
  • Publish App on Apple Play Store
    We will generate iOS build and then publish it on Apple App Store.
  • 1 Year Minimum Subscription


$70Per Month
$70Per Month
  • If you are looking for a white label solution for your clients, this is the best package for you.
  • All standard & business package features plus features listed below.
    You will get all features from business package. You will also get additional features listed below in this package.
  • Whitelabel App - No AppiFire Branding
    We will remove all our branding and you can place your company logo or just remove the branding.
  • Publish under your own brand account
    You can publish your app under your own company name. Users have more trust level when app is published by same compnay. Google Play charges a one time fee of $25 to create Google Play Store account and the Apple App Store charges a $99 annual developer fee to create Apple App Store account.
  • 1 Year Minimum Subscription

You can try with a standard package and upgrade it later by paying the difference in the package.

How does the process work?

  • We have simple 3 steps process to publish your app.
  • Once you purchase our product, we’ll ask you for initial requirements for building your app like app name, logo, app store SEO information etc.
  • We will then deliver you the app within 3 days. You can review the application and request us for any changes.
  • Once the app is up to your mark and approved by you. It would be submitted to play store and app store within 2 days.

What we give you and others don't

A Powerful Mobile App ... Without the High Costs

Still thinking?

Download demo app from Google Play Store.

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Benefits of having a mobile app vs a mobile website?

  • Precise useful information with clean consistent design
  • Ease of sending notifications to users
  • Apps allow you to send timely posts/messages directly to your customer’s phone via push notifications.
  • Push notifications get nearly 18x higher click-through rates as compared to email blasts.
  • Mobile users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and just 14% of the time on mobile websites.
  • Mobile app performs actions much quicker than a mobile website.
  • A mobile app for your business can greatly contribute to your brand awareness.
  • Google has already started linking websites to your mobile apps. Google is expected to roll out it’s “app first” rating. Having a mobile app will no longer be a nice to have, it will be a need to have.

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